Purchases are subject to the following articles:

  1. Each order form signed by the customer irrevocably binds the customer, excluding the exceptions provided for by law.
  2. Each order must be paid for in cash on collection. Each order is irrevocable, regardless of whether an advance payment has been made or not. If the customer refuses to accept delivery of the ordered goods, the vendor has a choice. Either to force the customer to accept delivery by court order; Or to demand, as quid pro quo or as compensation for the cancellation of the sale, an amount equal to 15% of the agreed price, and this as acquired by operation of law. The parties expressly reserve the right to contest the amount of this lump-sum compensation. If the purchaser fails to meet his or her obligations, he or she shall be liable to the customer for similar compensation. The prices used are the catalogue prices in force at the time of delivery.
  3. Without prejudice to articles 1641 and 1648 of the Belgian Civil Code and the Act of 25 February 1991 in relation to liability for defective goods, we only grant the warranty within the limits specified by the manufacturer.
  4. Delivery, even carriage paid, is carried out at the risk of the consignees.
  5. All our parts have a 1-year warranty unless otherwise stated on the invoice.
  6. All payment obligations on the part of the customer must be fulfilled at the address of the vendor. The total amount of our invoices is payable in cash and to our address, except for special agreements stated in writing. Under no circumstances may our invoices be paid privately to a member of staff except with the written approval of management.
  7. Complaints concerning our invoices or our goods must be submitted in writing within 10 days. After this period they are no longer acceptable.
  8. Each invoice not paid by its due date will automatically incur 12% interest per annum. This will be charged without prior notice of default, where the due date of the term replaces it. The amounts still due to the vendor shall also be increased by a fixed fee of 10%, with a minimum of 74.37 euros for internal costs, and any legal costs not included. If the vendor fails to comply with its obligations, it shall owe the customer an equivalent fee.
  9. In all circumstances and contrary to article 1583 of the Belgian Civil Code, the ownership of the goods sold will only be transferred to the customer after full payment of the agreed price.
  10. In the event of non-payment of our invoices on their due date, we are entitled to immediately and legally deem the agreement as terminated, without any warning. From that date we are then authorised to recover the sold item from the customer, without prejudice to the repair of the damage suffered.
  11. The fact that the vendor does not apply a specific clause that is stipulated in its favour in the present general terms and conditions cannot be interpreted as a waiver on its part to invoke that clause.
  12. The general terms and conditions stated on the customer's documents are not binding for the vendor.
  13. The microfilms, microfiches, photocopies, telexes, telefaxes and electronic mail prepared by us have the same written evidential value as the originals.
  14. In the event of a dispute, only the court in the place of delivery or of performance of the obligations shall have jurisdiction.
  15. You have the right to consult your own data, to have it corrected, and the right to object to the processing or communication thereof for direct marketing purposes.
  16. The general terms and conditions stated on the reverse of our order forms intended for an end consumer, for the matters that they cover, shall take precedence over these general terms and conditions. The potential nullity of one or more provisions of these general terms and conditions may in no case result in the nullity of the entire agreement. The other provisions remain in full force and effect.